Nexus 5 which also know as Hammerhead, a well know Smartphone from Google and was first one to get Android 4.4 KitKat officially from Google. The specifications, looks and brand takes this device far apart from all the Android based device. The devices is powered by 2.3 GHz Quad Krait 400 CPU with Adreno 330 graphic chip and tons of other high end hardware. Even there is no match for this handset and Android KitKat operating systems, still you won’t be having access to real power and complete control over the device without rooting and installing Custom Roms.

Custom Roms offers many opportunities to customize Android phones to user level and gives comprehensive control over the device. If your looking for best custom Roms for Nexus 5 then you would love our this post. We have collected some Roms and then after filtering them, we’ve came with list of best Custom Roms for Nexus 5 which offers powerful features, smoothness, and more stability than stock firmware. So lets start our list:

1. OmniRom

These are one of most famous and popular Roms among Android users. According to Omni Team, the OmniRom is not better but is different from other. The Rom is especially designed and developed with mindset of making Android devices very easy to use and customize in own way.  The Rom is completely free of any bug or issue, with smooth and stable user interface and many performance upgrades.

For more information and installation visit here.

2. PSX Rom

This Rom is based on AOSP Android 4.4 KitKat firmware with many speed and performance improvements. Especially designed and developed to those who seeks a high performance Rom with huge stability, smoothness, and which features rich. In order to make it faster and lighter, some unwanted bloatwares have been removed. This Rom is not solely focused to give high speed performance but also offers tons of customization and settings features.

For more information and installation visit here.

3. DroidKang Rom

This Rom is a mix of performance and powerful features. The Rom is purely based on CyanogenMod 11 firmware with added many features and improved codes. It comes in completely Dark User interface with 3 way reboot menu, a Halo launcher from Paranoid Android has been added, now use ART Run time without any kind of issues or bugs. Installing this Rom means, getting most of the powerful features from CyanogenMod Rom with improved and far stable user interface.

For more information and installation visit here.

4. Nitrous OS Rom

Google Nexus 5 rom list

Another Rom which offer extensively  high performance and stability without compromising any feature. Rom is based on pure Google Stock Android 4.4 KITKAT (KRT16M). It comes with pre-root, unused bloatwares have been removed, all apps modded to zipalign, 4 way reboot, loaded with Ad-blocked, custom boot animation, WiFi tether,  app drawer, and many more features. It also improve battery life and sound quality of the device. Dedicated Nitours settings and PIE controls are also there.

For more information and installation visit here.

Here are list of best Roms for Nexus 5 ends here. No matter what are your needs, the above listed Roms should be good enough to satisfy you completely. If you have some suggestions to improve this list then tell us.